Project Communication Strategy

Creating Queries: - Your requirements are our first priority and for understanding that in a better way; first of all, we create a set of queries then our wonderful team members offer you the opportunity of developing a vision in your minds and then after creating a perfect plan for the same. Various processes involved in the strategic process are:

Consent to the designs: - After having a strategic discussion we check out all of the designs we have prepared and try to meet our classy designs as per your projects’ requirement. On getting a complete satisfaction our designers starts the designing process for which the clients have to give their approval. Once you have approved that we start working further with the development process.
Web Development Phase: - On getting the idea about your project requirements we focus on the wireframe and mockup work. The entire stage includes various reviews, alterations which clearly represents the web development phase.
Testing phase: - Once our designs are prepared; next thing involved in the process is testing phase. It is an extremely important phase which ensures the quality of the project. Once getting completely satisfied with the designs we have created; we forward our designs for your approval.


Why get a partnership with Magostech?

Our this model works well for those customers who are actually clear about their project needs, duration, time period etc. If the customers are clear about their requirements and project duration then:
In the fixed time model of our business engagement, we mainly focus on fixed time and value of money. We provide an estimated cost and delivery date of the project to the client. If we talk about services Assurance and Predictability are the hallmarks of the services our company provides. While starting the project we fix the timeline and cost of the project so that to make the client feel comfortable while dealing as it gives the client the exact idea about the budget and timeline of the project.
Magostech offers fixed price-fixed time software, mobile application, and website development services to our clients. We take care of the requirements given by the client and hence ensure them to deliver the software under a pre-defined time frame and at a fixed cost. We are providing efficient and affordable IT related services to the customers on a fixed time.


This model of business engagement is very helpful for those clients who are interested in working with a specific team of development. This model enables the clients to control their resources and projects. While working on this model:

Clients will enjoy working with dedicated experts just working for you.
Clients are free to choose from the team of experts.
It is the simplest process which provides great results over a passage of time.
Clients are able to enjoy 24*7 Support.

Why choose us?

Magostech believes in client satisfaction. We include a team of dedicated and most experienced professionals, website developers, designers, mobile application developers, iPhone developers and various others from where you can easily choose as per your requirements.

We offer our clients high quality of projects at a very affordable price tag.
We include a team of experienced and dedicated professionals.
We mainly focus on three things: time, quality and customer satisfaction.


This model of business engagement is perfect for those clients who are not clear about their requirements and wanted to add changes in designing and details and specifications in future. in this kind of business model; clients have to pay on hourly bases and our team will add quick changes in their project. Our team of experts can easily add changes in any phase of designing and development according to the client's needs.

We ensure our clients to offer easy and efficient hourly billing
Our clients are our priority and we do every possible work for the client satisfaction.
We ensure our clients to deliver the quality results to them.
Hourly billing model is very important and plays a very important role in client’s satisfaction. This kind of business engagement model is majorly used for small projects. Our dedicated team of professionals makes sure to provide quality results at effective cost for your projects. We ensure you to provide SEO friendly, and easy to manage websites so that to enhance your business much more.
Billing is actually a very important part of every business. Magostech offers the facility of paying bills to our clients on the monthly and yearly basis. Charging hourly rates is quite simple and efficient for both clients as well as the service providers.